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Easley Resource Group always remembers that it works for its clients, and its whole philosophy centers on that fact. Whatever a company requires to be satisfied, Easley Resource Group will try to provide. This begins in the range of services Easley Resource Group offers but is most important in the way we select candidates for job openings. Easley Resource Group’s stringent recruiting procedures start with researching the industry to identify top talent, then networking within that talent pool to surface the most qualified people for our client’s position. We perform a series of interviews and reference checks from experienced professionals. This diligence on our part results in a short, focused list of candidates well-suited to a position.  Easley Resource Group’s efforts in researching candidates result in client companies never having to squander time skimming the resumes of unqualified candidates.

We spend the time required with our candidates to really get to know them. We strive to understand not only their specific skills, but their dreams and goals, concerns and requirements with regard to their future. We feel it is the only way to truly make a ‘match’ with companies and candidates. We will not ‘push’ clients and candidates together if we feel their philosophy and long term goals do not match.

When we have singled out qualified candidates for our clients position, we represent them candidly. Easley Resource Group does not redo or embellish resumes, believing instead that a client should see the actual organizational and writing skills contained in the resume of each individual.  We never exaggerate a candidate’s real abilities or experience. In consultation with client companies, Easley Resource Group presents a balanced review of both the positive and the negative aspects of each candidate, much like a hiring manager would do.

The staffing system at Easley Resource Group is yet another client-oriented feature of the firm. A full-time account manager identifies each client’s needs, maintains a relationship with the client, and ensures that the rest of the ERG team meets or exceeds client expectations. The end result is a successful search with the client and candidate fully satisfied with the service we provide.

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